Images With HeART is a stock imagery project merging two important causes: the promotion of pet adoption and rescue animals as subjects in stock, as well as providing artists with a sustainable and ethical platform from which to sell their work.

Many of the pets shown in the Images With HeART galleries were once awaiting adoption at shelters across the United States and beyond.

The artists who created the photographs and images you’ll find in these collections are part of the Artists Helping Animals program of HeARTs Speak. More than 600 strong, this group of photographers offers their services, pro bono, to animal shelters and rescues every day, providing lifesaving visibility for animals in need of homes.


  • Your purchase pulls double duty! You get stellar, high-quality images while directly supporting HeARTs Speak's innovative programs that provide resources and education to both artists and animal shelters to help increase adoptions and transform the public perception of pet adoption worldwide and, the members of the Artists Helping Animals program who help make it all possible.

  • The funds raised from the sale of stock on this site go directly back to HeARTs Speak and its artist members, allowing them to continue to provide their creative services at no cost to the animals who need it most, while simultaneously granting homeless animals life saving attention and exposure.

  • As a consumer, you can rest assured that the animals in our photos were treated compassionately and humanely, with lots of time for petting and pep talks between the clicks of the camera.

  • It’s not just about companion animals. Our community of artists takes the same caring approach to wildlife and nature. You can be sure that any on-location or landscape images were captured with the utmost care and respect for natural places and the beings that call it home.
Images with HeART is a multifaceted stock imagery project of HeARTs Speak, merging the promotion of pet adoption with a sustainable and ethical platform for artists to license their work.
HeARTs Speak is recognized as a public charity under section a 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN #27-2327189
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