Images with HeART is always looking for beautiful, compelling imagery to license. Contributors can earn a competitive rate of up to 50% of the licensing fee. In the past year, our members’ work has been licensed for use in calendars, books, annual reports, décor, websites, and more. As we grow, we anticipate becoming the go-to source for pet-related stock imagery for an ever-expanding list of clients, and we want to share that success with the heart and soul of our Artists Helping Animals program — our artist members!

Interested in submitting your work for consideration? 

At this time we are only accepting submissions from members of HeARTs Speak's Artists Helping Animals program. 

Complete a contributor agreement and see the full submission guidelines in the artist member resource area to begin.

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Images with HeART is a multifaceted stock imagery project merging the promotion of pet adoption with a sustainable and ethical platform for artists to license their work.
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